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Welcome to the UCEPROTECT®-Network Project

The project’s mission is to stop mail abuse, globally.

We know that there are a lot of solutions out there, which claim that they could stop spam, but they are really not effective.

If they could work, logically, you would have no reason to visit this website :-)

Using filtering software that accepts mail and then "marks spam as such" or “moves it to a spam folder” is a complete nonsense, because the spammer has already achieved what he intended to do:
THE CRAP WAS DELIVERED TO YOUR SYSTEM! Whether you read it or not does not matter to the spammer!!!

Blocking spam using standard RBL [black list] services is much better, but has some big problems:

1. It normally takes several hours or even days before spammers are blacklisted.
2. IP address owners that do not care about the security of their systems usually get too easy removed from the black list without learning an unforgettable lesson.
3. Providers and Carriers are not forced to take preventive measures against abusers too.
4. Most RBLs have no clear policies - you can’t be sure exactly who you will be blocking by them.
5. Most RBLs are only running on a single host, so if it fails or gets DDOSed, your mail system will lag.

The idea behind UCEPROTECT®-Network is that abusers should NOT be given a chance to get their crap out.

It is impossible to educate all end users out there, to secure their computers, but it is possible to force administrators, providers and carriers to take preventive measures against email abuse.

It is a fact that if all providers were to implement our 4 suggested steps against email abuse, neither the spam problem nor the virus problem [email propagated] could exist on this planet.

While it is normal for respectable administrators and providers to secure their networks, there are still lazy ones, which need to have massive problems before they will act.

They have to learn the hard and painful way, if necessary.

Some people tell lies and myths about us. Most of them run into trouble with us, because they were, or still are, learning resistant.
The most frequently told lie is that a listee will not be removed until they make a payment.
The truth is: Every IP listed will expire 7 days after the LAST abuse is detected, and FREE of charge.

The optional immediate removal is not available at all in the following cases:

1. If the owner of the IP or the ISP has declared to dislike this option.
2. If abuse has been seen from IPs listed in Level 1 or the backscatterer blacklist within the last 3 hours.
3. If a network area is listed in Level 2 and the listing limit has been exceeded by a factor of 10 or higher.
4. If an AS is listed in Level 3 and it is in the top 5 of the Level 3 charts.
5. If the listings in Level 2 or 3 are still increasing.

Only if these 5 criteria do not apply, there is a payment option available for any listee that does not want to wait 7 days but needs to be de-listed immediately.

Most people learn by consequences and usually they don’t get listed twice :-)

Another very often-heard lie is that no one would use our lists. If this were true, one would hardly find so much whining about us and our methods on the net.
The fact is that (as of 08 th April 2011) more than 2.8 million systems worldwide are using our lists to protect their mailboxes against spammers. Since our lists are free of charge and anyone can use them without prior arrangement, we have no way of telling you how many email addresses are protected by us.
A system that is downloading our lists, can in fact have only one mailbox, but also 1 million or more. Judging from all those whining spammers and spamsupporters on the net we know that many big and important systems are using us...

UCEPROTECT-Network´s core database is fed by a cluster of more than 50 UCEPROTECT-Servers (Executive-Members) located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and Australia.
Spammers and other abusers are blacklisting themselves :-) in the project’s lists as soon as they hit spam traps at Admins WebSecurity or any other executive member.
We have clear and consequent policies for listings and also for removals. No exceptions have ever been made in the past, nor will they ever be made in the future.

3 different BLACKLIST-Levels are distributed by the project and can be downloaded from multiple mirrors out there, FREE of charge.

Membership to UCEPROTECT®-Network is completely anonymous and free. You do not have to apply for a membership.
As soon as you are using our BLACKLISTS on your email server, you are a free member automatically! To make the project more successful, please set a link to http://www.uceprotect.net anywhere on your website or donate some money.

But there are a lot of other things that you can do to join the project.
If you want to become a part of the organization which will (sooner or later) globally stop spam, please read our complete SPAM-FAQ, to find out, what you can do ...

English version by Phil Marsh.

© Copyright 2001-2024 by UCEPROTECT-Orga - All Rights reserved ! DISCLAIMER