Spammer listings within the last 7 days:
Level 1: 389055 IP's, Level 2: 4432 Allocations, Level 3: 145 ASN's. Last Updated: 27.11.2014 02:52 CET
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UCEPROTECT Level 3 Charts - Spammy Providers at the Pillory

Position SpammerProviderAS - Test
1. 16092VNPT-AS-VN VNPT CorpAS45899
2. 7203KAZTELECOM-AS Kazakhtelecom Corporate Sales AdministrationAS9198
3. 6929DCI-AS DCI Autonomous SystemAS12880
4. 4618FPT-AS-AP The Corporation for Financing & Promoting TechnologyAS18403
5. 3316CNNIC-WASU-AP WASU TV & Communication Holding Co.,Ltd.AS24139
6. 2916ASN-SPBNIT OJSC North-West Telecom Autonomous SystemAS8997
7. 2624STREAMLINE LLC _Stream Line_AS48159
8. 1638PARSONLINE PARSONLINE Autonomous SystemAS16322
9. 1611STC-AS Southen Telecommunication Autonomous SystemsAS25490
10. 1200SCARTEL-AS Scartel Ltd.AS47395
11. 1144BANKINFORM-AS UkraineAS13188
12. 1131ROSTOV-TELEGRAF-AS Autonomous system ofAS21479
13. 1095JSCBIS-AS BashInformSvyaz Autonomous SystemAS28812
14. 1013TATTELECOM-AS Tattelecom.ru/Tattelecom Autonomous SystemAS28840
15. 934KUBANGSM CJSC Kuban-GSMAS29497
16. 912ORBITA-PLUS-AS ORBITA-PLUS Autonomous SystemAS21299
17. 887NMTS-AS OJSC VolgaTelecom, Nizhny NovgorodAS25405
18. 877IBGC IBGC Autonomous system of Inter-Bg-Com Ltd.AS13124
19. 810NGSAS Neda Gostar Saba Data Transfer Company Private JointAS39501
20. 807PFES OJSC _Uralsviazinform_AS12705
21. 789ROSTELECOM-AS JSC RostelecomAS12389
22. 789UBN-AS JSC _Ufanet_, Ufa, RussiaAS24955
23. 784MF-MGSM-AS OJSC MegaFon NetworkAS31133
24. 755VTK-AS Macro region OJSC VolgaTelecom networkAS43975
25. 738BEE-AS JSC _VimpelCom_AS16345
26. 722AS Name not known.AS51074
27. 718STATEL-AS Stavropol branch of Southern Telecommunications CompanyAS12683
28. 685AZTELEKOM Azerbaijan Telecomunication ISPAS34170
29. 684CTCNET-AS Joint-Stock Central Telecommunication Company Autonomous SystemAS25515
30. 662AS Name not known.AS50710
31. 658AS Name not known.AS58085
32. 635HMFES OJSC _Uralsviazinform_AS28719
33. 626ALKAR-AS Alkar Teleport Communications NetworkAS6703
34. 615Samara TelegraphAS15500
35. 572USI UralsviazinformAS6828
36. 561AS Name not known.AS55740
37. 534AS Name not known.AS56402
38. 497MF-NWGSM-AS OJSC MegaFon NetworkAS31213
39. 481SCTV-AS-VN SaiGon Tourist cable Televition CompanyAS45543
40. 478FREENET-AS FreeNet ISPAS31148
41. 471VSI-AS VSI ASAS21017
42. 470TENET-AS TeNeT Autonomous SystemAS6876
43. 465RU-SURNET Uralsvyazinform, Chelyabinsk branchAS3239
44. 454ESOO-AS OJSC _VolgaTelecom_ OrenburgAS25008
45. 447KTNET Kyrgyztelecom_s NetworkAS12997
46. 425MF-KAVKAZ-AS Caucasus Branch of OJSC MegaFon ASAS31163
47. 415Cablevision SA de CVAS28548
48. 390AS Name not known.AS45903
49. 389TTKNET JSC _Uralsviazinform_, Tyumen branchAS31094
50. 379MF-CENTER-AS OJSC MegaFon NetworkAS31208
51. 376-Private Use AS-AS65500
52. 363VOLGOGRADEC-AS Volgograd Electro Svyaz ASAS33934
53. 362LES Public Data Network of Lipetsk regionAS8570
54. 358DELTA-TELECOM-AS Delta Telecom LTD.AS29049
55. 329FREGAT-AS ISP _Fregat_ Autonomuos SystemAS15377
56. 325UZPAK National Data Network Company _UzPAK_AS8193
57. 323OGERONET OGERO TelecomAS42003
58. 305NWRZ Newroz Telecom Ltd. AS NumberAS21277
59. 300SAN-AS OJSC _Volgatelecom_, Saratov branchAS39229
60. 292EDN-AS SPD Chernyavskiy S.V.AS45025
61. 286ASTOUND-CABLE - Wave Broadband, LLCAS22759
62. 282MR-SIB-MTSAS Mobile TeleSystems, OJSC, MR SIBIRAS28884
63. 280KIROV-CAIT-AS CAIT affiliate of Kirov branch of JSC _VolgaTelecom_AS25436
64. 278ASK-AS Andishe Sabz Khazar Autonomous SystemAS39308
65. 278RU-USI-KURGAN Kurgan branch JSC UralsvyazinformAS35531
66. 274MF-UGSM-AS OJSC MegaFon NetworkAS31224
67. 274KHBDSV AS for ISP - Khabarovsk Telecommunication CenterAS34584
68. 257SPBMTS-AS Mobile TeleSystems, OJSC, MR North-WestAS29209
69. 256ELECTRO-COM-AS ZAO _Electro-com_ Autonomous systemAS35641
71. 250INTERNET-CG Internet Crna GoraAS8585
72. 247JOVITA - Sentris Network LLCAS19194
73. 246SONICDUO-AS AS for MegaFon-Moscow.AS25159
74. 243YANFES OJSC _Uralsviazinform_AS34875
75. 238BELSVYAZ-AS JSC Central Telecommunication Company, branch _BELSVYAZ_AS29456
76. 237FLEX-AS Autonomus System for Wireless Network in Moscow region RussiaAS21453
77. 232SEVSTAR Lancom Ltd.AS35816
78. 232MF-SIB-AS OJSC MegaFon NetworkAS31205
79. 230ELCOM-ISP-AS ELCOM ISP Autonomous SystemAS34168
80. 228ULVT-AS VolgaTelecom Ulyanovsk branch autonomous systemAS2878
81. 223AS Name not known.AS45727
82. 214ECOM-DON-AS ZAO ELECTRO-COM DON Autonomous systemAS44775
83. 205MAXNET MAXNET Autonomous SystemAS48431
84. 202AS_TULATEL Tulatelecom_s Commercial IP NetworkAS8675
85. 201MORDOVIA-AS Branch in Mordovian Republic Open Joint-Stock CompanyAS34449
87. 200PENZA-SVIAZINFORM-AS JSC Volgatelecom, Penza branchAS24612
88. 188ALTEL-AS ALTEL CDMA cellular providerAS29555
89. 186ESAMARA-AS Elektrosvyaz-Samara Autonomous SystemAS34533
90. 185AISTNET AIST Autonomous SystemAS8439
91. 183AS Name not known.AS49724
92. 181AS Name not known.AS57879
93. 174Autonomous System of JSC CenterTelecomAS13056
94. 173AS Name not known.AS59628
95. 172RU-CHTTS VolgaTelecom OJSC ChuvashiaAS43468
96. 167KLGELECS-AS ru.klgelecs Local Registry Autonomous SystemAS15468
97. 165OGS-AS ZAO _Orenburgskaya Gorodskaya Set_, Orenburg, RussiaAS41704
98. 158AS Name not known.AS262279
99. 155CO-2COM-AS 2COM Co ltd.AS8334
100. 155Ver Tv S.A.AS27984
101. 154PPLNETUA-AS PEOPLEnet Autonomous SystemAS42396
102. 153KBT-AS Kabbalktelekom Autonomous SystemsAS43132
103. 152ASN-TVT TeleRadioCompany TVTAS29194
104. 152INTELSET-AS TeleRadioCompany TVTAS31286
105. 151TELENOR_DOO_AS Telenordoo-NETAS15958
106. 149AS Name not known.AS132934
107. 148AZERONLINE Azeronline Information ServicesAS15723
108. 147MF-DV-AS Far East Branch of OJSC MegaFon ASAS31195
109. 146BSTV-AS OOO Bryansk Svyaz-TVAS42145
110. 144IR-ASRETELECOM-AS Asre Enteghal DadehaAS49103
111. 143IR-THR-PTE Pishgaman Tose ErtebatatAS49100
112. 142MTSNET-FAR-EAST-AS Mobile TeleSystems OJSCAS39811
113. 139UDMVT-AS OJSC VolgaTelecom branch in Udmurtia Republic AS NumberAS42825
114. 137ISPSYSTEM-AS ISPsystem Autonomous SystemAS29182
115. 135KMTN-AS Kostroma Municipal Telephone Network_s ASAS44507
116. 134SVYAZ-TELECOM-AS Svyaz-Telecom Ltd.AS44604
117. 132KTEL-AS K Telecom Ltd.AS48642
118. 128ASI-AS SvyazinformAS35177
119. 128TROYCABLE-NET - Troy Cablevision, Inc.AS13825
120. 126AS Name not known.AS19975
121. 124AS Name not known.AS12688
122. 124AS Name not known.AS132199
123. 121LKS-AS Lipetskie Kabelnie SetiAS42368
124. 119IVTELECOM-AS IVTELECOM inc. Autonomous SystemAS24699
125. 117SPEEDY-NET-AS SPEEDY-NET Autonomous System NumberAS42081
126. 113STTK-AS SibTransTelecom Autonomous SystemAS28769
127. 111SINAM-AS SinamAS44725
128. 111NEOGSM-AS Mobile Telecom Service Ltd.AS48503
129. 111SIBELTELECOM-AS SibelTelecom ASAS30922
131. 110TELEMOSTUA-AS Dnepropetrovsk, UkraineAS42590
132. 109RIALCOM-AS JSC Rial Com ASAS34456
133. 109STELLFORD-AS-1 Stellford LLCAS41997
134. 107ERTH-CHEL-AS CJSC _Company _ER-Telecom_ ChelyabinskAS41661
136. 105TTC-AS Kazakhstan Transtelecom AS NumberAS41798
137. 105O2-GERMANY-AS o2 GermanyAS39706
138. 105INETKR-AS TRK (noc_cabletv.dp.ua)AS30779
139. 105OCTOPUSNET-AS Octopusnet LTDAS44724
140. 104DIPT-AS Donbass NetworkAS3261
141. 103INECO_AS INECO Autonomous SystemAS12730
142. 103AS Name not known.AS133042
143. 102AKNET Educational and Science NetworkAS12764
145. 102ESD-AS LTD ElektrosvyazAS44391
146. 102NTS-REAL-AS Nizhnevolzhskie Telecommunication Networks Real Ltd.AS49718
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