Spammer listings within the last 7 days:
Level 1: 131878 IP's, Level 2: 1770 Allocations, Level 3: 21 ASN's. Last Updated: 30.06.2015 15:53 CEST
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UCEPROTECT Level 3 Charts - Spammy Providers at the Pillory

Position SpammerProviderAS - Test
1. 11332VNPT-AS-VN VNPT CorpAS45899
2. 1968CNNIC-WASU-AP WASU TV & Communication Holding Co.,Ltd.AS24139
3. 434RDTECH-ASN - R & D Technologies, LLCAS36114
4. 281BEE-AS JSC _VimpelCom_AS16345
5. 256AS Name not known.AS45903
6. 256AS Name not known.AS262279
7. 255AS Name not known.AS53340
8. 250AS Name not known.AS54945
9. 249AS Name not known.AS60428
10. 225SAMTRANS-AS Samotlortrans Ltd. Autonomous SystemAS35828
11. 209NWRZ Newroz Telecom Ltd. AS NumberAS21277
12. 194KUBANGSM CJSC Kuban-GSMAS29497
13. 171CABLELITE-AS-AP Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Broadband Internet Service Provider INDIAAS24309
14. 138ISPSYSTEM-AS ISPsystem Autonomous SystemAS29182
15. 134AS Name not known.AS61272
16. 128MF-MGSM-AS OJSC MegaFon NetworkAS31133
17. 125AS Name not known.AS45727
18. 123ALLIANCE-GATEWAY-AS-AP Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd.,Alliance Gateway AS,Broadband Services Provider,Kolkata,IndiaAS23860
19. 113AS Name not known.AS262184
20. 111AS Name not known.AS197328
21. 105AZTELEKOM Azerbaijan Telecomunication ISPAS34170
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