Spammer listings within the last 7 days:
Level 1: 222615 IP's, Level 2: 3086 Allocations, Level 3: 61 ASN's. Last Updated: 13.02.2016 00:50 CET
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UCEPROTECT Level 3 Charts - Spammy Providers at the Pillory

Position SpammerProviderAS - Test
1. 13670VNPT-AS-VN VNPT CorpAS45899
2. 6204MegaCable SA de CVAS13999
3. 5819AIRTELBROADBAND-AS-AP Bharti Airtel Ltd., Telemedia ServicesAS24560
4. 4627TOTNET-TH-AS-AP TOT Public Company LimitedAS9737
5. 2084TOT-MPLS-VPN-AP TOT Public Company LimitedAS23969
6. 2020Cablemas Telecomunicaciones SA de CVAS28509
7. 1515BM-AS-ID PT. Broadband Multimedia, TbkAS23700
8. 1192AS Name not known.AS131222
9. 1129AS Name not known.AS28201
10. 910PARSONLINE PARSONLINE Autonomous SystemAS16322
11. 866SCTV-AS-VN SaiGon Tourist cable Televition CompanyAS45543
12. 815CABLELITE-AS-AP Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Broadband Internet Service Provider INDIAAS24309
13. 734AS Name not known.AS54945
14. 606AS Name not known.AS55740
15. 544Cablevision SA de CVAS28548
16. 537EthioNet-ASAS24757
17. 520ALLIANCE-GATEWAY-AS-AP Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd.,Alliance Gateway AS,Broadband Services Provider,Kolkata,IndiaAS23860
18. 485HTIL-TTML-IN-AP Tata Teleservices Maharashtra LtdAS17762
19. 471CITelecom-ASAS29571
20. 362RAILTEL-AS-IN RailTel Corporation of India Ltd., Internet Service Provider, New DelhiAS24186
21. 354AS Name not known.AS45727
23. 351SIPL-AS Syscon Infoway Pvt. Ltd., Internet Service Provider, IndiaAS45194
24. 342OGERONET OGERO TelecomAS42003
25. 341SAMTRANS-AS Samotlortrans Ltd. Autonomous SystemAS35828
26. 313SAN-JUAN-CABLE - San Juan Cable, LLCAS36423
27. 298GHANATEL-ASAS29614
28. 285AS Name not known.AS45903
29. 280ISPSYSTEM-AS ISPsystem Autonomous SystemAS29182
31. 262TTSL-MEISISP Tata Teleservices ISP ASAS45820
32. 250ASIANET Cable ISP in IndiaAS17465
33. 231AS Name not known.AS55824
34. 231NWRZ Newroz Telecom Ltd. AS NumberAS21277
35. 225RCN-ASN - Reality Check Network Corp.AS46652
36. 217ONNET-AS-OWN On.net Autonomus SystemAS16333
37. 200ALBTELECOM-AS Telecom AlbaniaAS42313
38. 199INFOKOM-AS PT. Infokom ElektrindoAS17670
39. 190WORLDPHONE-IN AS Number for Interdomain RoutingAS18002
40. 177AS Name not known.AS132116
41. 165AS Name not known.AS55698
42. 165AS Name not known.AS19853
43. 162AES Communications Bolivia S.A.AS26210
44. 156EXCELL-AS ExcellmediaAS17754
45. 147PTK PTK IP NetworkAS8661
46. 142Cablemas Telecomunicaciones SA de CVAS28538
47. 135MEGANET-AS MeganetAS41557
48. 132PACENET-AS Broadband Pacenet India LimitedAS23682
49. 128AS Name not known.AS131178
50. 127NAPXLNET-AS-ID PT Excelcomindo Pratama (Network Access Provider)AS24203
51. 126BTTB-AS-AP Telecom Operator & Internet Service Provider as wellAS17494
52. 124AS Name not known.AS133042
53. 120AS Name not known.AS131293
54. 117AZTELEKOM Azerbaijan Telecomunication ISPAS34170
55. 116AS Name not known.AS62639
56. 114AS Name not known.AS56194
57. 111WISHNET-AS-AP Wish Net Private Limited,Broadband Service Provider,Kolkata,IndiaAS45775
58. 106KANARTEL-ASAS33788
59. 103NTC-AS-AP National Telecommunication Corporation HQ,AS23888
60. 102ABISSNET Abiss Net Tirana AlbaniaAS35047
61. 102AS Name not known.AS58640
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