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Level 1: 94572 IP's, Level 2: 19286 Allocations, Level 3: 1516 ASN's. Last Updated: 23.07.2024 17:02 CEST
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Actually we have 3 different blacklist levels. Please check out the policy for each level to find out which one fits your personal needs.

For best results against spammers you will need to use all our Levels together, but each of them can also be used without the others.

To get an idea how all our Levels together (UCEPROTECT 1 + 2 + 3) and other blacklists did perform within the last 4 weeks see the statistics measured at the real mailflow of several authorities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Blacklisting on all levels happens automatically when any crap hits our spamtraps and in the following ways:

Systems which are running commercial UCEPROTECT® Systems and that have been approved to be a trusted source to feed our blacklists are reporting IP addresses that hit their spamtraps or that tried unauthorized relaying.
At this time several national authorities within Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also several trusted Internet Service Providers are trusted reporters.

2. Anonymous persons, people who spread the number of spamtraps of the project.
Please read our complete SPAM-FAQ to see how this works and what you can do to get more spammers blacklisted.

3. Members of UCEPROTECT-Orga.
All UCEPROTECT-Orga members are highly skilled technicians. Most have to deal with mail abuse at their dayjob.
Orga-Members can do manual listings and also removals.
UCEPROTECT-Orga is an exclusive circle. New Members can only join by invitation.

The project´s blacklists are rebuilt hourly.
Therefore we suggest to checkout for updates at least 4 times per day, better hourly.
This can easily be done by a cron job. See SPAM-FAQ for examples.

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