Please note:

You were redirected to our website because someone is using no longer existing zones claiming your IP would be blacklisted. You are mostly NOT listed.

Facts are UCEPROTECT-Network, and SORBS have shutdown APEWS mirrors, because we are no longer willig to tolerate APEWS is causing trouble to innocent users and providers.

After they were kicked by us, APEWS maintainers requested to wildcard their former Zone and giving a link to their website because they want their former users switching to their new zones.

This is mostly the reason you were directed to this page. It's up to you to chose what is better for you: 

Go to UCEPROTECT.NET (Use a real blocklist)                 Go to BLACKLISTALERT.ORG (Test if you are really listed)


Go to APEWS.ORG (Be sure you know what you are doing)